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At One Fell Swoop officially launches on EFS VOD
Featuring Cillian Roche, Cynthia Morán Killeavy, Trevor Darcy, Muireann Cullen and Roisin Furlong. Funded by The Arts Council Ireland and produced in association with Experimental Film Society and The Darkroom. Shot on location in North County Leitrim.
Further film info

EFS goes Italian

A carcass programme of EFS plays in Poverarte - Festival de tutti le Arts at Ateliers, Bologna as part of Eruzi∞ni event on the 1st Decmber.

Carcass Programme: Smembrare (2017 / 55mins / Ireland) “Pieced together like cinematic Frankenstein’s monsters, these morbid creations will feed on the flesh of previous EFS films, simultaneously announcing their death and enacting a potentially limitless series of resurrections. Each one will be specifically created for a single venue or event.” - EFS

EFS goes to New York

This time James Hyland makes his way to New York. Curated by Rouzbeh Rashidi Hyland plays in a short film programme Folds of Existence to be screened January 19th at American Medium 515West 20th St. 

The programme also includes 
Controle No6 by Jann Clavadetscher
HSP (161-170) by Rouzbeh Rashidi
Brine Twice Daily by Vicky Langan and Max Le Cain Refining the Senses by Atoosa Pour Hosseini
More info HERE and HERE

EFS goes to ULTRAcinema MEXICO

Thanks to EFS The Family Vault of the Late James Hyland makes it's way to Mexico. The programme also includes..

Impulsive Film by Jann Clavadetscher Playground by Vicky Langan/Max Le Cain HSP(161-170) by Rouzbeh Rashidi Refining the Senses by Atoosa Pour Hosseini
Further info can be found HERE and HERE

Drifting Cities - Top 50 Films of the 21st Century

I'm delighted Drifting Cities is listed as part of the top 50 films of the 21st Century by cine-blogger CINEPENSIERI.

"Higgins, breaches definitively the border between fiction and reality: the means corresponds to the end, the difference between the real world outside the film and the inner fictional one vanishes. So we witness a renewed vitality depicted on the big screen by the two leads, that cut loose and start an unrestrained and energetic dance, which is an indication that all is cinema"
CINEPENSIERI on Drifting Cities
See the list HERE

Drifting Cities Review by Cinepensieri

Thanks to this last movie, Higgins reveals to be one of the most versatile and amazing directors of the Experiment Film Society, capable to go from an immediate, chaotic and dynamic performance, like Stone Boat, totally characterized by the improvisation, to an evanescent and elusive work, like Drifting cities, that was long meditated.

Drifting Cities is evanescent in the widest meaning of the term: the two leads of the developed, or rather displayed, plot, are outlined through thoughts and memories that emerge in the shape of ethereal images, frozen and made eternal, suspended in a limbo of mnemonic reminiscence, in the balance of two distant and opposite worlds: the present and the past, the life and the death. Ectoplasms linger in a colorless and a drift world, that survives and lives only thanks to old repeating film clips, as if the only way to continue and (r)exist was holding on to the past by the filmic medium. Is the cinema that turns into the w…

The Family Vault of the Late James Hyland - Short Film Completion and World Premiere

I'm delighted to announce the completion of my new short film
The Family Vault of the Late James Hyland (13m, HD, 2017)

Ambra Bergamasco
Edegar Starke&
Cillian Roche
in a bizarre short film experiment with dance, disease and death.
Photographed on location at Goldenbridge Cemetery, Inchicore.

Thanks to EFS it'll have it's World Premiere in Chile at FEDAXV

Drifting Cities goes to Waterford 23rd October - IMAGINE ARTS FESTIVAL

Drifting Cities will play IMAGINE Arts Festival in Waterford at 5:30pm on two nights - Monday, October 23rd and Friday, October 27th. Entrance is free.

 Special thanks to the Jenna Whelan and the festival for making it happen.


Funnel Web Family goes to Sonic Dreams, Waterford.

Thanks to EFS, Funnel Web Family Refrigerated goes to Sonic Dreams Festival, Waterford 29th, 30th September 2017.


Twin Peaks: The Return

A sincere thank you to David Lynch in revisiting Twin Peaks with his unique and uncompromising vision. In watching the series I was trasported to what I can only describe as a dream within a Lynchian universe. Sublime. 
Photographic composite by EFS

EFS Short Film Programme goes to Croatia - Kino Klub Split

My film Out of Service featuring Cillian Roche plays as part of an EFS Programme in Croatia at Kino Klub Split on the 8th Sept.
Michael Higgins – Out of Service (2015) Atoosa Pour Hosseini – Luminosity 1 (2013) Atoosa Pour Hosseini – Luminosity 2 (2013) Jann Clavadetscher – Kish (2014) Jann Clavadetscher – Lift (2015) Maximilian Le Cain – Night Regulation (2014) Vicky Langan/M. Le Cain – Lullaby (2011)

EFS goes to Lausanne Underground Film Festival

Full detailed program announced soon. Watch EFS and LUFF for details.

UNCOOL Flea Market

ONC, ULO and Fleamarketmaven presented a flea market on the bank of The Royal Canal in Phibsborough Saturday 26th at Crossgun's Business Park. It was a roaring success.
A huge thank you to the vendors, the performers, the musicians and the public.
For any upcoming events please keep an eye on the Facebook Page.

Luminous Void

Once again the happenings of EFS continues to astound me. Although founder and fellow colleague Rouzbeh Rashidi is hugely responsible for such growth and activity, EFS resonates to me as a living breathing cinematic organism. In the world of George A. Romero (Feb 4, 1940 – July 16, 2017) it's impact appears to be spreading like a disease. It is a grotesque wonder to observe the feeding and mating habits of what it means to be a collective and how such a cyst can evolve and grow.
Luminous Voidis an upcoming documentary examining EFS and the role of experimental film-making in Ireland. Supported by The Arts Council under the Open Call programme it will also coincide with Luminous Void: Experimental Film Society Documents, a publication highlighting further aspects of EFS. 

SMOLT goes to the IFI

SMOLT will screen at the Irish Film Institute, Dublin - June 20th at 6:30pm. This should be fun.

INFO and Tickets

EFS @ GOMA, Waterford


The Poorhouse Revisited featured at CineAutopsia, Bogotá, Colombia.

As part of The Festival de Cine Experimental de Bogotá / CineAutopsia The Poorhouse Revisited features as part of a selection of films constructed from archival images. Other films in the programme include..
Hipertelia (Jonathan Palomar, 2015),
Descomposición Aleatoria (Karina R. Sandoval, 2015),
Back Track (Virgil Widrich, 2015),
Le bulbe tragique (Guillaume Vallée, 2016),
ON NATION (and other dogmas) (Zavan Films, 2015),
Over&Over (Michael Fleming, 2015),
Orbit (Giuseppe Boccassini, 2016),
Erotic Mandalas (Almir Correia, 2016), and
The Poorhouse Revisited (Michael Higgins, 2011), and more.

EFS Carcass Programme in the Philipines

'A programme of Experimental Film Society will be screening at UP Film Institute Film Studio, Quezon City on 27th April 2017 at 17:30. It will be as part the Pelikula Obskura programme organised by Kino Punch Magazine.
Carcass Programme: Relics (2017 / 86 mins / Ireland / 2K)
Created by: Jann Clavadetscher, Michael Higgins, Dean Kavanagh, Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain, Atoosa Pour Hosseini & Rouzbeh Rashidi.' - EFS
Special thanks to Rouzbeh Rashidi.

EFS goes to Bogotá

Bogotá Experimental Film Festival will host two days of EFS films. The 5th May sees a screening of Rouzbeh Rashidi's monstrous feature film TRAILERS followed by a programme of EFS short films on the 6th. My films Painting and The Poorhouse Revisited will screen as part of the programme.
1_Blue Orgasm (2016, 4mins) / Found Super8mm and 4K / By Jann Clavadetscher 2_Ornaments of the Bone (2015, 6mins) / Found Super8mm transferred to full HD / By Dean Kavanagh 3_Contact (2011, 3mins) / Super8mm transferred to full HD / By Vicky Langan/Maximilian Le Cain 4_Hotel La Mirage (2010, 6mins) / Super8mm transferred to full HD / By Maximilian Le Cain 5_Painting (2011, 5mins) / 16mm transferred to full HD / By Michael Higgins 6_The Poorhouse Revisited (2011, 14mins) / 16mm transferred to full HD / By Michael Higgins 7_Homo Sapiens Project (49) (2011, 5mins) / Found 16mm transferred to full HD / By Rouzbeh Rashidi 8_Mirage (2015, 4mins) / Super8mm transferred to full HD / By Atoosa Pour Hosseini 9_Clande…

EFS Carcass Programme: HOMO FEROX / CORPUS REX

Created by: Jann Clavadetscher, Émmsen Jafari, Michael Higgins, Jason Marsh, Dean Kavanagh, Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain, Atoosa Pour Hosseini & Rouzbeh Rashidi / 2017 / 30 mins / Ireland
Pieced together like a cinematic Frankenstein’s monsters, Carcass Programme: Homo Ferox / Corpus Rex is an experimental short film that has been created from shots and sequences reworked from films from the archive of the Experimental Film Society, one of the most dynamic and distinctive forces in contemporary alternative cinema. “The Film is dead, long live the Film!”
It is an honour to be in such great company. What a lineup! Special Thanks to Rouzbeh Rashidi.

SMOLT goes to New Jersey's Irish Film Festival

SMOLT takes a trip to New Jersey for the first year of Irish Film Festival. See it April 23rd at Middletown Arts Center, 36 Church St, Middletown, NJ, USA.

Drifting Cities World Premiere

Drifting Cities is complete.

Featuring Justyna Janiszewska and Ayami Andrews Drifting Cities is a new feature film that began it's journey in late 2012. Key scenes were shot on anamorphic 16mm both in Dublin City and London at that time. 
Late 2013 further shooting commenced in North Dublin in the housing estate of Darndale.
In the summer of 2014 I spent time at dflux Reserach Residency based in Hamtramck, Michigan. Further shooting around Detroit City took place. 
Since then I have been collecting found footage including 8mm motion film, photographic prints and 35mm slides some of which were used in the final picture. 
Editing commenced in Riga, Latvia in the summer of 2016 and proved to be a lengthly process. 
I'm very happy to announce it will make it's World Premiere back in Riga at Process - the first Experimental Film Festival of its kind in the Baltics.


The DeVry Portable Projector housing complete

The projector's housing is complete using all the original wood and steel bits and pieces (even a red glass little window). There was a very thin leather 'coat' which was to destroyed and so it was dumped. I went with the raw wood, stained and varnished. The interior was originally finely thin card which I've substituted with some Irish linen.

Now for the electrics!

Love Me Longer goes to Berlin.

Love Me Longer (5mins, 16mm, 2010) goes to Berlin to play at Greenhouse Berlin as part of Vorspiel/Transmediale. Autobiographical Rituals takes place between Feb 25th and Mar 3rd. Love Me Longer plays the night of the 2nd. Special thanks to Natalia Fentisova.

Autobiographical Rituals - Facebook
Autobiographical Rituals - Website
Greenhouse Berlin  - Website
Vorspiel/Transmediale - Website

Luminous Void Book Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

'Today saw the launch of the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to cover the design and printing expenses of Luminous Void, a book-length history of the Irish-based experimental film collective’s first two decades of activity.' Since 2010 I've been involved with EFS (Experimental Film Society). We produce personal, demanding, challenging films driven by our love for pictures and sound. Not only do we produce them but we also screen, promote and archive them.
Sometimes it helps to read something about the films in the same way you might read instructions on how to operate a microwave. It helps you get the best out of a TV dinner. It helps you understand why you shouldn't dry your pet cat in it.
And so EFS are launching a book - Luminous Void: Experimental Film Society Documents. There's interviews, articles, histories and some more and being put together by a group of people very passionate about what they do! There are even super talented designers being bro…

HSP200 - Submission

The first 30 minutes of my contribution to HSP200 has been completed and submitted.

So far it features John Murphy, Oli Ryan, Floriana Mancuso, Cillian Roche, Grainne O'Carroll, Enda Moran and Tinto.

' HSP 200 will be a 12-hour film made for both a human and a possible extra-terrestrial audience. A brief synopsis as follows: an extra-terrestrial creature records its observations for its own unknown purposes, seeking out the places that light cannot reach. - Rouzbeh Rashidi '

Read more about HSP200 here

The DeVry Portable Projector

I acquired a Model E 35mm DeVry Suitcase projector (1921) from Cahercon Estate, Co. Clare about a year ago. I've finally built up enough courage to attempt to renovate it.

It is a beautiful piece of machinery, simple in its design, basic electrics (if not a little outdated!), flame retardant (coated in aesbestos) for early nitrate film and most importantly the mechanics are clean considering it's age.

I've currently deconstructed the whole projector and thankfully the original wooden case is just about staying together. Time to clean and rebuild.

I will try and document the process here over the next year or how ever long it takes.

 Show me a digital projector survive 100 hundreds and I will snort the asbestos.


Recent Transmissions: Strange Attractor & EFS

'A durational, improvised live performance by Strange Attractor will take place in a space activated and transfigured by multiple projections of Experimental Film Society moving imagery.'
6-8pm, Saturday February 25th
St. Peter’s Church, North Main St., Cork

Strange Attractor Anthony Kelly, Danny McCarthy, Irene Murphy, Mick O’Shea, David Stallingand special guest Eimear Reidy.
Experimental Film Society
Rouzbeh Rashidi, Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain, Michael Higgins, Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Dean Kavanagh, Jann Clavadetscher, Émmsen Jafari and Jason Marsh.

EFS Publications

EFS Publications publish two reviews relating to my work. 
Four is to three - An article by Sean Sullivan in response to The Poorhouse Revisited screened at The Joinery in early 2012 as part of Selected Stories, curated by Tadhg O'Sullivan. 
Stone Boat Exhausted Film Review - A recent film review of Open Night Cinema's Stone Boat Exhausted which I'm heavily involved in. Written by Lorenzo Paci for Cinepaxy.


'These programmes will consist of new assemblages of scenes edited together from the work of EFS members. The scenes might originally come from features, shorts or medium length films, but they will be compiled to form entirely new hybrid films.' - Rouzbeh Rashidi
A new and exciting venture. READ MORE Painting: Alan Beeton Decomposing c.1929

ONC's Stone Boat Exhausted - Review on Cinepaxy

Comprimi l’umanità in un attimo, racchiudila in esso. Ciò che vediamo, i luoghi ai quali apparteniamo, la nostra stessa esistenza, tutto ciò ha un’origine, ma è solo tentando di risalire ad essa per tappe logiche sequenziali che perveniamo ad un inizio, a quell’epoca in cui un semplice pensiero smuoveva montagne e dove stelle, rocce, alberi, convivevano tra loro innocenti. Una performance, quella condotta ed immortalata da Higgins, dove l’esperienza evocativa diviene quasi un modo per celebrare i miti della propria cultura, quella irlandese, tramite un’esibizione che fa del mezzo cinematografico l’elemento chiave per trasformare in sensazioni, in stati d’animo, i punti chiave dell’opera prima del filosofo e scrittore John Moriarty, “Dreamtime”.

Adattando ed adattandosi ad essa, l’autore pone un’immagine decisamente sovversiva, sperimenta sul soggetto come sui mezzi tecnici adottati portando il suo “Stone Boat Exhausted” alle sembianze né più né meno di un ebbro, oscuro rituale dove la …