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EFS goes to Bogotá

Bogotá Experimental Film Festival will host two days of EFS films. The 5th May sees a screening of Rouzbeh Rashidi's monstrous feature film TRAILERS followed by a programme of EFS short films on the 6th. My films Painting and The Poorhouse Revisited will screen as part of the programme.

1_Blue Orgasm (2016, 4mins) / Found Super8mm and 4K / By Jann Clavadetscher
2_Ornaments of the Bone (2015, 6mins) / Found Super8mm transferred to full HD / By Dean Kavanagh
3_Contact (2011, 3mins) / Super8mm transferred to full HD / By Vicky Langan/Maximilian Le Cain
4_Hotel La Mirage (2010, 6mins) / Super8mm transferred to full HD / By Maximilian Le Cain
5_Painting (2011, 5mins) / 16mm transferred to full HD / By Michael Higgins
6_The Poorhouse Revisited (2011, 14mins) / 16mm transferred to full HD / By Michael Higgins
7_Homo Sapiens Project (49) (2011, 5mins) / Found 16mm transferred to full HD / By Rouzbeh Rashidi
8_Mirage (2015, 4mins) / Super8mm transferred to full HD / By Atoosa Pour Hosseini
9_Clandestine (2015, 14mins) / Super8mm transferred to full HD / By Atoosa Pour Hosseini


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Love Me Longer goes to Berlin.

Love Me Longer (5mins, 16mm, 2010) goes to Berlin to play at Greenhouse Berlin as part of Vorspiel/Transmediale. Autobiographical Rituals takes place between Feb 25th and Mar 3rd. Love Me Longer plays the night of the 2nd. Special thanks to Natalia Fentisova.

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