I'm Not a Doctor goes to Kosovo

I'm delighted to announce I'm Not a Doctor joins one of two EFS programmes at Kino ARMATA in Pristina, Kosovo on the 22nd - 23rd April. ARMATA is a public space in Pristina that promotes alternative culture and social dialogue.

Other films in the short film programme include  I Wake Up Screaming by Chris O'Neill Personal Growth by Vicky Langan/Maximilian Le Cain The Underworld by Clavadetscher Antler by Atoosa Pour Hosseini
Programme 1 includes Rouzbeh Rashidi's Luminous Void: Docudrama INFO MORE INFO 

I'm Not a Doctor goes to Prague

I'm Not a Doctor joins an EFS programme of shorts at Campus Hybernská in Prague on the 9th March.

Other films include  Fragments by Chris O'Neill Blood in the Butter by Shelly Kamiel Personal Growth by Vicky Langan/Maximilian Le Cain The Underworld by Jann Clavadetscher Kinetics by Atoosa Pour Hosseini MORE INFO

Autumnal Sleeps goes to Athens

Autumnal Sleeps gets it's first screening of 2020 in Athens as part of The Pugnant Film Series. The Pugnant Film Series is a nonprofit organisation that organises screenings of underground, dada and auteur cinema.

2 days of screenings, installation and live music.  26th & 27th February 
Full Programme

Drifting Cities goes to EFS VOD

My film Drifting Cities goes online at EFS VOD. -
Shot across Detroit City and Dublin City, specifically Darndale, it captures a very personal and strange dreamlike atmosphere I experienced intermittently over the course of about 5 years (2012-2017). I could compare it to fragmented diary, journal or travelogue that comprises of a collection of moments that manage to seep through some cracks in time and space and tap me on the shoulder.
It is a gaseous dream. The images are manipulated, in camera, to such an extent they do not represent reality and are quite often unrecognisable as the above mentioned locations. Sounds are layered on top of one another that it scarcely leaves room to breathe and there is dialogue scattered throughout but there is no voice heard speaking them.
It is a film I could never of made with any pre-production, script or concrete planning, I simply pointed the camera at moments of inspiration with no questions or reason…

I'm Not a Doctor goes to Serbia.

A recently re-packaged installation into what now is a short film, I'm Not a Doctor goes to Belgrade to screen as part of the first year of Kinoskop International Film Festival. The short 35mm film features Paddy Dean and Roisin Furlong.

''Kinoskop will encompass a wide spectrum of alternative, underground and experimental cinema shot on super 8, 16mm, 35mm, and found footage, by showing shorts and medium-lenghts which are reveling in stories and motives which cover a lot of historical association with pioneers of avant-garde and independent cinema, but also impregnating them with a lot of vibrant energy and new ideas. In seven selections, there are forty films, curated by veteran experimental film aficionados Nikola Gocić (film writer and critic and visual artist) and Marko Milićević (film author and founder of the audiovisual initiative Kino Pleme) that will enchant and mystify you, speak directly to your subconscious, subvert your genre (and many other!) expectations, a…

Ghoul goes to Sound Collector, Dublin.

November 29th sees a short EFS film programme playing The Project Arts Centre as part of Sound Collector, an ongoing series of audio visual events.

My film Ghoul is included.

Other films include  Playground by Vicky Langan and Maximilian Le Cain The Underworld by Jann Clavadetscher Antler by Atoosa Pour Hosseini 
Performances on the night include... Undine Shane Latimer & Francis Matthews Natalia Beylis Forwind