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Luminous Void

Once again the happenings of EFS continues to astound me. Although founder and fellow colleague Rouzbeh Rashidi is hugely responsible for such growth and activity, EFS resonates to me as a living breathing cinematic organism. In the world of George A. Romero (Feb 4, 1940 – July 16, 2017) it's impact appears to be spreading like a disease. It is a grotesque wonder to observe the feeding and mating habits of what it means to be a collective and how such a cyst can evolve and grow.

Luminous Void is an upcoming documentary examining EFS and the role of experimental film-making in Ireland. Supported by The Arts Council under the Open Call programme it will also coincide with Luminous Void: Experimental Film Society Documents, a publication highlighting further aspects of EFS. 


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Luminous Void Book Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

'Today saw the launch of the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to cover the design and printing expenses of Luminous Void, a book-length history of the Irish-based experimental film collective’s first two decades of activity.' Since 2010 I've been involved with EFS (Experimental Film Society). We produce personal, demanding, challenging films driven by our love for pictures and sound. Not only do we produce them but we also screen, promote and archive them.
Sometimes it helps to read something about the films in the same way you might read instructions on how to operate a microwave. It helps you get the best out of a TV dinner. It helps you understand why you shouldn't dry your pet cat in it.
And so EFS are launching a book - Luminous Void: Experimental Film Society Documents. There's interviews, articles, histories and some more and being put together by a group of people very passionate about what they do! There are even super talented designers being bro…


'These programmes will consist of new assemblages of scenes edited together from the work of EFS members. The scenes might originally come from features, shorts or medium length films, but they will be compiled to form entirely new hybrid films.' - Rouzbeh Rashidi
A new and exciting venture. READ MORE Painting: Alan Beeton Decomposing c.1929

Love Me Longer goes to Berlin.

Love Me Longer (5mins, 16mm, 2010) goes to Berlin to play at Greenhouse Berlin as part of Vorspiel/Transmediale. Autobiographical Rituals takes place between Feb 25th and Mar 3rd. Love Me Longer plays the night of the 2nd. Special thanks to Natalia Fentisova.

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