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EFS 2016

An end of year wrap up for EFS and a thank you to all who have supported and been part of what we've achieved. A special thank you to Rouzbeh Rashidi for his ongoing management and work in keeping such activities burning. 
Read about the 2016 highlights and future of EFS 

The Poorhouse Revisited goes to Berlin

The Poorhouse Revisited (15mins Cut) screens as part of the 1st year of the Berlin Experimental Film Festival from 17th - 18th December.

Host to the event will be Kino Moviemento, the oldest cinema in Germany, founded in 1907 located in Kreuzberg.
It's also great to be in the company of fellow EFS members, Rouzbeh Rashidi, Jann Clavadetscher, Atoosa Pour Hosseini and Max Le Cain.

You can watch the 40mins cut here at EFS VOD

(Murder) goes to Mexico

(Murder) screens at Post Mortem, an international horror and bzzare short film festival in Aguascalientes City, Mexico next week.

Funnel Web Family Refrigerated

From the blog of author Dennis Cooper comes Halloween countdown post #5: 19 Experimental Horror Filmsfeaturing Funnel Web Family Refrigerated among some great company. Make sure to tuck in to the list for the week that's in it. 
Watch Funnel Web Family Refrigerated HERE at EFS VOD.

ONC in Wicklow 1st - 3rd October

Open Night Cinema have acquired a retail unit in Wicklow Town as part of Inktober Arts Festival. There will be an opening performance for two hours at 6pm on Oct 1st followed by an installation on Sunday and Monday from 12-5pm.
Other artists taking part in the festival include Mark Beatty, Laura Condon, Markus Davies, Luke Drozd, Rhian Foley, Jenny Gordon, Noel Hensey, Genuine Laminate, Michael Lawton, Eleanor Lines, Kathryn McShane, Michael Murphy, Doireann Ni Ghrioghair, Fergus Niland, Tamsin Snow, Ronan Tuite, Conor Walton, Susanne Wawra, Fiona Whitty and Conor Wickham.

Cinema Cyanide - ONC

The release of Cinema Cyanide's tenth album ONC, a collection of sounds and music from ONC events throughout 2015 and 2016 made in conjunction with Unbend Leg Out goes out today.  ONC by Cinema Cyanide Born in June 2015 Open Night Cinema is a live cinematic entity that lives, breathes and sleeps throughout the industrial landscapes of Dublin City, Ireland. ONC primarily feeds on improvised live art events blurring the lines between cinematic exhibition, musical and theatrical performance and art installation. These events are intended to rupture and transform the space outside the projected frame, breathing new life into the cinematic experience. 
Credits Michael Higgins  Cillian Roche  Oli Ryan  Paraic O'Neill  Shane Clear  Cathal O’Leary  John Linnane 

Special Thanks  Andrew Mooney  Helen Kavouki  Fergus Cullen  Jamie Davis 

Cinema Cyanide is a sound project by the members of Experimental Film Society and invited artists. The creation of often darkly intense soundscapes has always been an i…

Short films at EFS

A selection of my short films have gone online at EFS Archive. Thanks to Rouzbeh Rashidi for the time, effort and support.

'I urge you all to watch these movies, if you die tomorrow without seeing a handful of these titles, the Devil won't let you in.' - Dean Kavanagh
Where To? Vat 7 The Petrol Station
The Gardener Snowed Under  Sheeep Painting Out of Service Murder Love Me Longer Lodz Laquer Landslide Hot-el- Green Grass Blues God's Little Cow Trailer Girl Meets Boy Filament Dry Cycles Dried Up Chapter 1 - Cosmos XXX Chapter 2 - First Date Buildings & Planes Battered Sausage and Chips Away - Withering Zithering 2340km/hr
And not to forget the remaining films of fellow EFS members.

EFS goes to Porto, Portugal

A programme of EFS will play @ Maus Hábitos – Espaço de Intervenção Cultural, Porto on Wednesday 16th November 2016. These screenings have been programmed by FILM PANIC (Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais) in association with Shortcutz Porto, all screenings will take place at Maus Hábitos in Porto, Portugal.

Pitpony(2014) ByJason Marsh/ 3:30Minutes /  U.K Sumpf(2015) ByJann Clavadetscher / 6Minutes /  Switzerland-Ireland Funnel Web Family(2013) ByMichael Higgins/ 13Minutes / Ireland Cut To The Chase(2015) ByDean Kavanagh/ 11Minutes / Ireland Clandestine(2015) By Atoosa Pour Hosseini / 15Minutes / Estonia-Ireland

Open Night Cinema at White Night, Riga 10th September

Open Night Cinema perform as part of a White Night Festival in Riga, Latvia on the 10th September in what is known as Corner House. Detailed info and documentation below.
Parnassius mnemosyne" is a live audiovisual event within “White Night” festival. It incorporates contemporary poetry, experimental music and analogue cinema which focuses on the subject of memory as a phenomena in defining what it is to be human. 

Within the event there are four performances that unite three creative disciplines: music, analogue film and poetry. There are both local and foreigner artists taking part: Andris Indāns (LV), Vytautas Juozėnas (LT), artist’s collective “Open Night Cinema” (IE), Jeļena Glazova (LV), Ieva Balode (LV), Toms Treibergs (LV), Henriks Eliass Zēgners (LV), Signe Birkova (LV).

All the participants are known for their experimental, high quality technical and creative approach, combining different analogue and digital mediums– modular synthesizers, electro-acoustic instruments, ana…

Cinema Cyanide - I'm Not a Doctor but I'll Take a Look

Cinema Cyanide is a sound project by the members of Experimental Film Society and invited artists. The creation of often darkly intense soundscapes has always been an important element of their films and art. Cinema Cyanide now brings full focus to their sonic explorations. 
"I'm Not a Doctor But I'll Take a Look was created in response to the Ballincollig Gunpowder Mills, the historical site now occupied by Cork Film Centre. Three fragmented split-screen projections of hand-processed 35mm black & white film present glimpses of mysterious characters in the post-industrial remains of the Gunpowder Mills. Their appearance and often strange actions make their era impossible to determine, giving them a ghostly resonance. But the battered, aged appearance of the film itself is as important as the images, linking the now moribund technology of celluloid film to the location's industrial past. This connection is accentuated by the other elements in the show: a selection o…

The Liberated Film Series

In 2011 I came across an hour of footage. I had to take it. Some might call this stealing but I see it as rescuing and preserving valuable material that would probably get deleted or thrown out.
I recently discovered another. However this time it was in the rubbish destined to be destroyed by the natural elements or by some sort of incinerator.
In both cases there are no credits attached. They are lost, forgotten orphans I've adopted as my own. I have attempted to edit and manipulate the footage into somethingelse but I have come to the conclusion these films are best left untouched.

Our Lady of Inchigeela
(55mins, VHS, 2016) Our Lady of Inchigeela is a report on the activities at the Gortaneadin Grotto in Inchigeela, Co. Cork in the mid 1980s. It features interviews with the child visionaries, Rosemary O'Sullivan, Marie Vaughan and Kelley Noonan as well as footage of the hundreds gathering at the Grotto attempting to communicate with the Virgin Mary.

(62mins, miniDV, 201…

Old dogs and old tricks.

Largely inspired by Wim Wenders and Andrei Tarkovsky among others A Road Movie Trilogy was my first foray into feature length filmmaking. 

The first of the trilogy would be Roadside Picnic featuring myself and friend Fionntan O'Donnell (who incidentally introduced my to Tarkovsky's Stalker in 2001). On deciding to hitchhike Iceland for 10days I decided I would bring a HDV video camera and tripod as oppose my usual 35mm stills camera as I've done on previous trips. I opted to follow a series of basic rules in order to limit myself to an overwhelming amount of shooting and stress. These were as follows: 
There would be no pre-production planning except for actual travel plans. No insurance, no shooting permits etc.   The film would consist of static framing only in which both Fionntan and I would appear in.It would be feature length.  Further rules would present themselves later, for instance throughout post-production the decision for the constant use of in-camera sound and al…

EFS at Glass Eye Cine Club Friday 9th September

Sumpf (2015) By Jann Clavadetscher  / 6Minutes / Switzerland-Ireland
Lung(2014) ByJason Marsh/ 4Minutes / U.K
Heaven’s Hole(2016) ByMichael Higgins/ 6Minutes / Ireland
Clandestine(2015) ByAtoosa Pour Hosseini/ 15Minutes / Estonia-Ireland The Curse of Johnny Kline (2D)(2015) ByDean Kavanagh/ 12Minutes / Ireland
Homo Sapiens Project: Fragment(2015) ByRouzbeh Rashidi/ 11Minutes / Ireland
Brine Twice Daily(2015) ByMaximilian Le Cain/Vicky Langan/ 20Minutes / Ireland

EFS website goes live

Experimental Film Society's new website is now live.

ONC play Moving Bodies Festival @ MART

ONC presented Para-Cinema / Bury Me Standing at Moving Bodies Festival, MART Gallery, Dublin, 24th June 2016

Performed by
Cillian Roche
Michael Higgins
Oliver Ryan
Shane Cleare
Paraic O'Neill

Special Thanks to
Ambra G. Bergamasco
Edegar Starke
Conleth White
Sinead Kehoe
and Rouzbeh Rashidi.
Photos by Sinead Kehoe

Drifting Cities

The Story of Drifting Cities was a project I started in December 2012. It is gradually re-surfacing as a project that covers my travels throughout Dublin City, Ireland, Zihuatanejo, Mexico and Detroit City, USA.
 You can follow it's progression on instagram HERE

an afternoon thought

To me there are two types of filmmakers. 
The first is the filmmaker who uses film as a tool to express something that is outside or behind it. The film is merely a form of representation of something deemed more important.
The second is the filmmaker who creates film to exist as a film itself, there is no need for anything to exist outside or behind it. The film is enough. It speaks for itself.

Funnel Web Family Refrigerated is completed

Funnel Web Family Refrigerated
(Wireless CCTV, 60mins, 2016)
Funnel Web Family Refrigerated is a refrigerated version of the 13 minute Funnel Web Family i.e. it lasts longer. Similar to the defrosted version it is a prying look at the creatures that inhabit a home. Shot using an early form of wireless CCTV camera technology it places the viewer in an intense voyeuristic position which at times generates a sense of unease and atmospheric disturbance. However with such horror comes a sense of relief and comfort.
Funnel Web Family Refrigerated will be available to watch on EFS VOD very shortly.

At One Fell Swoop goes to MOVIATE, Pennsylvania

AT ONE FELL SWOOP goes to the 18th Annual MOVIATE Underground film festival. Moviate is a volunteer operated, not for profit organization, dedicated to bringing underground, avant-garde, repertory, and experimental cinema to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

EFS Publications

During my wonderful time spent in Iran with EFS, filmmaker and friend Émmsen Jafari conducted interviews with EFS members. 

An interview with Esperanza Collado, Michael Higgins, Dean Kavanagh and Atoosa PourHosseini by Émmsen Jafari.  (Farsi)
An interview with Rouzbeh Rashidi by Émmsen Jafari. (Farsi)
'A much more comprehensive and extended version of these interviews will be published in EFS's upcoming book entitled "Luminous Void". The book will be in English.'

A hole in your soul.

My new short film Heaven's Hole will screen as part of Dean Kavanagh's INDECENT MATERIALS, a short film programme as part of EFS' ongoing screenings at Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin. April 24th, 3PM, Tickets: 7 Euro
Age restricted screening
FilmBase, 2 Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
1_Overture (6min)
2_Melone [meˈloːnə] (Anja Mahler, 4 min, 2016)
3_FEED ME (Maximilian Le Cain, 3 min, 2016)
4_Heaven’s Hole (Michael Higgins, 6 min, 2016)
5_HSP 187 (Rouzbeh Rashidi, Dean Kavanagh, 5 min, 2014)
6_Blue Orgasm (Jann Clavadetscher, 4 min, 2016)
7_HSP 185 (Rouzbeh Rashidi, Dean Kavanagh, 14 min, 2014)
8_Given That Nasty is an Egg (Jason Marsh, 42 min, 2016)

Orphans and Rushes at Kino Bize

A special thanks to Ieva Balode for getting me to screen and talk at Kino Bize, Riga, Latvia. It was a pleasure. The screening consisted of a select number of 16mm master prints, some never seen before, 100ft from my self built camera obscura, and master rushes from At One Fell Swoop and The Poorhouse Revisited. Higins (dz.1982.) ir kanādiešu izcelsmes kino mākslinieks no Dublinas, kas savu kino un mākslinieka karjeru aizsācis 2005. gadā. Iedvesmojies no kino un vizuāliem naratīviem, viņa darbi sevī ietver dažādas analogās un digitālās tehnoloģijas un interesi par cilvēka laika un telpas uztveri. Strādājot ar dažādu izmēru analogajām kino filmām un pašrocīgi veidotām kinokamerām, Higins uzsver savu darbu veidošanas procesu kā ļoti intīmu un personisku pieredzi. Higins ir viens no biedriem 2004. gadā izveidotajā Dublinas eksperimentālā kino biedrībā - Experimental Film Society (EFS), kā arī brīvajā laikā kopā ar draugu rīko eksperimentālus pasākumus «Open Night Cinema», kas …