The Liberated Film Series

In 2011 I came across an hour of footage. I had to take it. Some might call this stealing but I see it as rescuing and preserving valuable material that would probably get deleted or thrown out.

I recently discovered another. However this time it was in the rubbish destined to be destroyed by the natural elements or by some sort of incinerator.

In both cases there are no credits attached. They are lost, forgotten orphans I've adopted as my own. I have attempted to edit and manipulate the footage into something else but I have come to the conclusion these films are best left untouched.

Our Lady of Inchigeela
(55mins, VHS, 2016)
Our Lady of Inchigeela is a report on the activities at the Gortaneadin Grotto in Inchigeela, Co. Cork in the mid 1980s. It features interviews with the child visionaries, Rosemary O'Sullivan, Marie Vaughan and Kelley Noonan as well as footage of the hundreds gathering at the Grotto attempting to communicate with the Virgin Mary.

(62mins, miniDV, 2011)
Saoirse is an uninterrupted hour long single-take interview with a girl. Due to the nature and sensitivity of the content and out of respect for the individual's privacy I can't show this to anyone nor do I feel comfortable talking about it.


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