ONC in Wicklow 1st - 3rd October

Open Night Cinema have acquired a retail unit in Wicklow Town as part of Inktober Arts Festival. There will be an opening performance for two hours at 6pm on Oct 1st followed by an installation on Sunday and Monday from 12-5pm.
Other artists taking part in the festival include Mark Beatty, Laura Condon, Markus Davies, Luke Drozd, Rhian Foley, Jenny Gordon, Noel Hensey, Genuine Laminate, Michael Lawton, Eleanor Lines, Kathryn McShane, Michael Murphy, Doireann Ni Ghrioghair, Fergus Niland, Tamsin Snow, Ronan Tuite, Conor Walton, Susanne Wawra, Fiona Whitty and Conor Wickham.



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