Drifting Cities goes to Cámara Lúcida, Ecuador

Delighted to announce that my most recent feature film Drifting Cities joins EFS in a programme at Camara Lucida - Encuentros Cinematograficos Film Festival in Cuenca, Ecuador at the end of July. Other films include Rouzbeh Rashidi's latest - Phantom Islands and also a collection of Atoosa Pour Hosseini's Super 8mm films. See the link below for the full programme.

Drifting Cities (2017) shows two actors playing two lovers before meeting death in a car crash. They drift through muddled memories and moments in search of one another. Italian journal CinePensieri calls the film “evanescent in the widest meaning of the term… Is it the cinema that turns into the world or vice versa? In both cases, in Drifting Cities the two elements fuse together to such an extent that it’s difficult to recognise the border between the reality and the medium that represents it”. 

Read some more HERE
See the full programme HERE 


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