ONC goes to Athens +Institute

Open Night Cinema and friends take part in a 40mins performance on the night of the 20th in Athens, Greece at +Institute [for Experimental Arts]. Loosly based on At the Hawk's Well by WB Yeats ONC will include numerous collaborators such as John Kavanagh, Andrea Murphy, John Linnane, Marta Libera Baptista, Cillian Roche, Alain Servant, Oli Ryan, Paraic O'Neill, Ambra Bergamasco and myself. Expect a little chaos. 

ONC will also produce an immersive video installation that will run for the duration of the festival. Entitled oooOOOooo it will present an alternate take of At the Hawk's Well that was performed secretly at the old Poolbeg Power Station in 2016. 


  1. Among the fantastic articles, essays and reviews The Poorhouse Revisited makes a small appearance.
    Manikarnika Teaser


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