Some Must Watch.. plays in Madrid

In association with Pantalla Fantasma 'Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep' plays the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo on the 19th April.
SUNDAY 19th APR. 18:30 H.

''This year we once again collaborate with PANTALLA FANTASMA, an annual fest that detects borderline, extreme, destructive, strange audio-visual works.

It is a SCREEN (pantalla) because it is conceived as an exploration that detects the audio-visual phenomena that takes place in the limits of the spotlight. It is a GHOST (fantasma), because it reclaims a "ghostly" attitude of pretending something unattainable, with no fear of giving in to format. A fest which shows films that explore the limits of the audio-visual, extremes in a formal, but not apparent sense, carnal without displaying the represented flesh. It proposes a search for subversions of audio-visual language, destructive and borderline proposals.''

Other films include Letters from Parliament Square by Carlos Serrano Azcona.



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