GORGING LIMPET - Maximilian Le Cain & Karen Power

I'm delighted to have taken part and assisted both Max and Karen in their project GORGING LIMPET. If you weren't there, you should have been.

'Gorging Limpet is a site-specific performance installation by composer Karen Power and filmmaker Maximilian Le Cain. Using sound, film and video, it will haunt an empty post-industrial space with an uncanny vision of a world that remains almost, but not quite, recognizable. A mysterious zone of elusive sounds and mysterious images that powerfully interact to immerse viewers in a ghostly realm of submerged memory. The material of this vision is the textures of Cork itself, the decaying fabric of some of its forgotten corners and the perpetual whispering of its river. The use of multiple 16mm and 8mm film projections will focus the sense of an alternative city existing at the peripheries of our awareness, forgotten by time, while the soundscape will channel its familiar yet unsettlingly hard-to-place cries and murmurs.'

The Trailer HERE
Maximilian Le Cain HERE
Karen Power HERE
Images by Rouzbeh Rashidi


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