Landslide Screens Berlin's Director's Lounge 2012

14th FEB 9pm

Other work in the program includes...
Susanne Wiegner DE One Moment Passes 3 min 2011 | German Premiere
Neil Ira Needleman US The Good Old Days 4 min 33s 2011 | World Premiere
Alina Gavrielatos UK The Ghost of Morris Horn 10 min 17s 2010 | German Premiere
Daniel Nicolae Djamo RO Menu 5 min 27s 2011
Stephan Kaempf DE Chaos ca 5 min 43s 2011 in attendance
Marco Gianfreda IT Pizzangrillo 15 min 2011
Péter Lichter HU Cassette 10 min 2011 | German Premiere
Kim Collmer US / DE Head Room 8 min 2011
Carl Elsaesser US There Is Wind That Blew 31 min 2011



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