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A fine feathered friend.. Luminous Void

In the late summer of 2018, under the guidance of producer/director Rouzbeh Rashidi, production commenced on Experimental Film Society's collaborative project Luminous Void: A Docudrama. A cinematic release is looming for late 2019. 
“Some viewers will recognise members of the Experimental Film Society. They are a Fringe Society, on the margins of decency and good sense. We have slowly entered the realm of the mythic – but a broken, indecipherable myth… The spectator is a pinball pinging between The Wizard of Oz and Carmelo Bene, between Wild at Heart and pink erotica… The prodigious cinema of Rouzbeh Rashidi and his fine feathered friends.” – Adrian Martin, The Fringe Experience

Olive goes to Georgia

Two programmes of Experimental Film Society films screened at Vertigo Arts Organisation Tbilisi, Georgia on 12th April.

My recent short film Olive was included in the programme.

Please visit here for further details and the full programme.

Olive goes to Chile

A programme of Experimental Film Society films will be screening at Depatamento Social Club in Santiago, Chile on Wednesday 12th of June.

My short film Olive is among terrific company. The programme includes
Bogna Kirchoff by Chris O'Neill  Homo Sapiens Project (161-170) by Rouzbeh Rashidi Brine Twice Daily by Vicky Langan and Max Le Cain The Underworld by Jann Clavadetscher Antler by Atoosa Pour Hosseini
Full info and details HERE

Olive and Ghoul goto Turin, Italy

Moving Bodies Festival presents two EFS Short Film Programmes and a stand alone performance by regular collaborator Cillian Roche.

My short films Ghoul and Olive make an appearance on the 2nd July at the Teatro Espace during the festival that runs from the 2nd - 6h July.

Full Programme and detailed information available here
Special thanks to Moving Bodies Festival, Culture Ireland and Rouzbeh Rashidi.