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Old dogs and old tricks.

Largely inspired by Wim Wenders and Andrei Tarkovsky among others A Road Movie Trilogy was my first foray into feature length filmmaking. 

The first of the trilogy would be Roadside Picnic featuring myself and friend Fionntan O'Donnell (who incidentally introduced my to Tarkovsky's Stalker in 2001). On deciding to hitchhike Iceland for 10days I decided I would bring a HDV video camera and tripod as oppose my usual 35mm stills camera as I've done on previous trips. I opted to follow a series of basic rules in order to limit myself to an overwhelming amount of shooting and stress. These were as follows: 
There would be no pre-production planning except for actual travel plans. No insurance, no shooting permits etc.   The film would consist of static framing only in which both Fionntan and I would appear in.It would be feature length.  Further rules would present themselves later, for instance throughout post-production the decision for the constant use of in-camera sound and al…

EFS at Glass Eye Cine Club Friday 9th September

Sumpf (2015) By Jann Clavadetscher  / 6Minutes / Switzerland-Ireland
Lung(2014) ByJason Marsh/ 4Minutes / U.K
Heaven’s Hole(2016) ByMichael Higgins/ 6Minutes / Ireland
Clandestine(2015) ByAtoosa Pour Hosseini/ 15Minutes / Estonia-Ireland The Curse of Johnny Kline (2D)(2015) ByDean Kavanagh/ 12Minutes / Ireland
Homo Sapiens Project: Fragment(2015) ByRouzbeh Rashidi/ 11Minutes / Ireland
Brine Twice Daily(2015) ByMaximilian Le Cain/Vicky Langan/ 20Minutes / Ireland

EFS website goes live

Experimental Film Society's new website is now live.