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Drifting Cities

The Story of Drifting Cities was a project I started in December 2012. It is gradually re-surfacing as a project that covers my travels throughout Dublin City, Ireland, Zihuatanejo, Mexico and Detroit City, USA.
 You can follow it's progression on instagram HERE

an afternoon thought

To me there are two types of filmmakers. 
The first is the filmmaker who uses film as a tool to express something that is outside or behind it. The film is merely a form of representation of something deemed more important.
The second is the filmmaker who creates film to exist as a film itself, there is no need for anything to exist outside or behind it. The film is enough. It speaks for itself.

Funnel Web Family Refrigerated is completed

Funnel Web Family Refrigerated
(Wireless CCTV, 60mins, 2016)
Funnel Web Family Refrigerated is a refrigerated version of the 13 minute Funnel Web Family i.e. it lasts longer. Similar to the defrosted version it is a prying look at the creatures that inhabit a home. Shot using an early form of wireless CCTV camera technology it places the viewer in an intense voyeuristic position which at times generates a sense of unease and atmospheric disturbance. However with such horror comes a sense of relief and comfort.
Funnel Web Family Refrigerated will be available to watch on EFS VOD very shortly.

At One Fell Swoop goes to MOVIATE, Pennsylvania

AT ONE FELL SWOOP goes to the 18th Annual MOVIATE Underground film festival. Moviate is a volunteer operated, not for profit organization, dedicated to bringing underground, avant-garde, repertory, and experimental cinema to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.