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(Murder) - New Film Completed

An Unlawful Killing of a Human by Another Human with Malice Aforethought orMurder (5mins, HD Video, 16mm)
Pictures, Sound and Edit - Michael Higgins
Thanks - Luca Rocchini


I'm delighted to be featured in the most recent issue of Experimental Conversations, but not so delighted that it's the final issue. Make sure to check out the archive. From Maximilian Le Cain via EFS: Issue 13 of Experimental Conversations is now online. 13, eh...? As far as we can tell, this will be the final issue of Cork Film Centre's online magazine of experimental film, video art and art cinema, which I've edited since it first appeared in 2008. Ruminations on this state of affairs and, more importantly, 'thank yous' to many wonderful people connected with the magazine can be found in my editorial here. The magazine has been plagued by technical problems in recent months and has been, to all intents and purposes, a dead, broken thing since suffering a major hack. It is now fully fixed and revived for all to enjoy not only the new issue but an archive of what now amounts to a full six years of writing. Or, as Groucho put it, "Hello, I must be going!&qu…