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Fire in Norway

TOP NEWS Norway plans 12-hour prime-time TV show of a fireplace Fri, Feb 15 11:20 AM EST By Balazs Koranyi
OSLO (Reuters) - Norwegian public television plans to broadcast a burning fireplace for 12 straight hours from Friday evening, with firewood specialists providing color commentary, expert advice and a bit of cultural tutoring.
"We'll talk about the very nerdy subjects like burning, slicing and stacking the wood, but we'll also have cultural segments with music and poems," Rune Moeklebust, a producer for state broadcaster NRK.
"It will be very slow but noble television."
Moeklebust got the idea for the show from the wild success of a firewood book by Lars Mytting, Norway's biggest firewood celebrity. His book "Hel Ved", which means Strong Character in English, is a play on words because ved also means "firewood".
Mytting, a guest on tonight's broadcast, has sold close to 130,000 copies of the book since last year, a huge num…

The Poorhouse Revisited at Berlin

The Poorhouse Revisited (in a 15mins form and newly composed score) screens at this years 9th BERLIN INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORS LOUNGE.

DL9, Berlin - INFO
The Poorhouse Revisited - INFO