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I Found This Not So Long Ago

Two reels of 35mm anamorphic film (30-40cm diameter). Content unknown. Found on the property behind 'The Film House' on Abbey Street. €10 for anyone who knows what the movie is.

Dublin's Experimental Film Club

I enjoyed this today.

It consisted of four films
Maximilian Le Cain's 'Point of Departure' (2008, 8min)
Antony Balch's (& William Burrough's) 'Tower's Open Fire' (1963, 16mins)
Jeff Keen's 'Artwar - The Last Frontier' (1993, 20mins)
Tony Conrad's 'The Flicker' (1966, 30mins)

Do click HERE for more info on the specific films, their themes and the club itself.

It was my first time attending the club's event and it was an extreme pleasure. For instance 'The Flicker' was like nothing I've experienced before. Five shots, a hand written epilepsy warning, the last line humorously stating 'A physician should be in attendance'. A title shot 'Tony Conrad Presents' cross dissolving into the main title (both in a cartoon graffiti style font, black outline on white), the title shrunk and dissolved into a transparent frame or a blankness (film projection), I shall refer to it as the no-thing. The fifth shot w…

I Found This

Positive slide film without its holder. I found it on a road. (Click for bigger)

Silly Faces

About 6 months ago I subscribed to sofobomo in order to compile a bunch of photos for an online 'book'.

A bit of old work but no harm in getting it up on the blog! final project. (right-click and save as)