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Posters of mulitple views

For some reasons I connected these three films in my head as a trilogy.

Multiple views required

Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Shinya Tsukamoto, Japan, 1989.

Pisma myortvogo cheloveka (Letters From a Dead Man), Konstantin Lopushansky, Soviet Union, 1986.

Eraserhead, David Lynch, USA, 1977

Motion Pictures

HD versions available to view HERE

Photography: Bill Brandt

I'm currently working on a short film script with a writer I met through Just about finished my draft but in the process of doing so I discovered this man's photography. Beautiful dream-scapes, so much emotion, fear, beauty, so mysterious, love them.
Within 90mins of posting 5 of Brandt's photos I received an email regarding copyright infringement. I had to have them removed so CLICK ME for some of Brandt's photography.

Born in Germany, Brandt resided in England and he is considered one of Britian's most influential and most important photographers of the 20th Century. He was mostly active from the 30s to 60s. When World War II came to an end he celebrated in creating a series of nudes. Brilliant!

Think of It: David Lynch

This is an extract from the book 'Strange World of David Lynch: Transcendental Irony...' by Eric G. Wilson. I thought it was quite amusing and worth a post.

Crewger 48Hour Film Festival

As part of and studio rua on Saturday 3rd of October I met team buddies Joe Sullivan and Valeria Bandino for the first time. Our challenge was to complete a short film in the following 48hours.

Happy Days was the result.

Thanks to judges Kirsten Sheridan, Lenny Abrahamson and Vanessa Gildea we snapped up first place.

A Learning Experience

As I was due a post I thought I would open this clip to the world. I recently finished a Filmbase 6week director's course with Vinny Murphy and as a part of the final class we were to produce a short 3/4 page of a script. We were given 6mins to rehearse followed by 20mins to get the shot in the bag. Since there was no editing it had to be all in one shot, therefore live. It was a lot of fun and a great experience.

Conor Duffy and Alan Healy feature on-screen. Neil Thompson is AD.